11:55 AM


By naomiful
I'm finally able to settle down and get my junk together and continue with the painting aspect of the game. Haha sorry guys! ^_^; I think this will be my approach to the avatar thingies when they are speaking, more painterly than really tight.

Talks in the ranks say that this game will be finished by the end of the year in the hopes of entering some kind of competition. Soooo... that means one individual on the team (me?) needs to get crackin'. This one was naturally the easiest and I just wanted to update and show I'm not dead or anything. Mike and Roger are next. ;)



4:43 PM

Build 3 High Quality

By RekcahDam
Some people have said that the video in my last blog post was too blurry or that they couldn't see some of the details. So I've decided to upload the full quality video to mega upload for all you quality buffs. Make sure you have the xvid codec installed into your media player.

Heres the link! : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=R9V65BBI


2:53 AM

Spring Break! .....means more work :)

By RekcahDam
This week is spring break and the also the perfect week to get a lot of work done on the Wings of Apocalypse game engine! So I've decided to give you guys a peak at what I've been working on so far. The following video shows off some basic menu functionality , sound playback , and collision detection. The menus and level shown in this video are for test purposes only and will not be in the final build of the game! All the menus you see in this video are place holders for better looking menus that will come later on. Enjoy!

EDIT: I just noticed that the sound is really loud and can get annoying. So make sure you turn the sound down a bit.



10:44 PM

Most cliché angle ever?

By StunWar
...quite possibly

So this is a render to show off the texturing on the fighters. (WARNING: dynamic angle and motion blur may not represent the final game, lol)

Background is this image from http://www.cgtextures.com

For those of you actually interested in the textures, here is a boring old shot without any fancy motion blur. *yawn*